Absolutely everyone desires to possess a bright-white smile. Having an awesome set of teeth could make you looks younger and more attractive. For those who have not been born with naturally pearly whites, there are actually whitening therapies which can assist you get the smile you dream about.


Having said that, there are actually some food and beverages around that happen to be the enemy of the teeth. They bring about your teeth to come to be discoloured with their staining powers.


Right here are 7 of your worst grin dimmers around:


1- Coffee & Tea


Sorry, coffee-junkies! The outer layer of your tooth is extremely porous. When you sip your cup of joe, the dark liquid is absorbed and remains on the tooth. Overtime it causes your teeth to be stained. But there is good news for those who find it hard to start their day without their beloved coffee - try lightening the colour by adding a splash of milk. As an added extra, you’ll keep your teeth strong with the calcium and vitamin D that is found in milk.


Same goes for tea. For those who can’t live without it then try to stick to lighter-coloured teas, like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, or go with a light green, white, or herbal tea.


2- Red Red Wine


Sipping on a glass of the favourite red wine that is perfectly paired with the steak you grilled may be an awesome way to spend your warm summer nights, but be aware that the pigment in red wine is damaging to your teeth. Choose a nice-white wine instead, rinse your mouth with water, or the best option, brush after you have a glass. Red wine may be good for your heart, but it is not so good for your smile.


3- Cola / Soda


The temperature of this beverage can have a big effect on its staining powers. When you drink very cold drinks, your teeth contracts and can be porius. This will let the dark color of sodas find a suitable home on your teeth. The citric acids in soda can also cause dental erosion – which highly affects the enamel of your teeth. Anything carbonated is acidic and it will create holes in the enamel. Once you lose your enamel you can’t get it back. Soda poses an extra threat to your teeth due to tooth decay because of the sugar content of soda. Whenever possible, opt for water, seltzer, or for those who must indulge, drinking through a straw helps keep the cola away from direct contact with your teeth.


4- Soy Sauce / Gravy


We’ve covered some of your worst of your worst in the beverage category, but dark liquids used to flavour foods, such as soy sauce, can be just as damaging for the colour of the teeth. When it comes for the colours in sauces and food, a rule of thumb is that if it can stain your favourite shirt, it can stain your teeth. Soy sauce is also loaded with sodium (sorry all you salt lovers), so when you dip your favourite sushi roll in it, try to do so at a very minimum.


5- Balsamic Vinegar


There is nothing better than a perfectly crunchy bruschetta as an appetizer for your favourite Italian meal. Or serving your friends the greatest caprese salad as part of a dinner that shows off your cooking skills. But the required balsamic vinegar that goes into these two delicious meals comes with a price to your teeth. The rich-dark pigment that balsamic vinegar has puts it on the list of your most teeth staining foods.


However, there is good news for those who love to use balsamic vinegar to kick up the flavour of a salad. The lettuce in a salad helps form a protective barrier on your teeth. But don’t leave the fate of the smile to a head of lettuce, try an alternative, like rice vinegar or a spritz of lemon juice.


6- Berries


Berries, such as cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries can also discolour your teeth. Although these foods are nutritious and very good for you, they may not be the kindest food on your teeth. The blueberries may spruce up your pancakes, but this superfood can stain your teeth. Don’t give up on these tasty morsels just yet. Whenever you have them try swishing water in your mouth afterwards to reduce and rinse away the dark pigment.


7- Curry


The colour of curry is so incredibly intense that just looking at it makes you feel like it is staining your teeth. This delicious-Indian cuisine staple is notorious for making teeth yellow. Giving up the that plate of chicken curry may be a stretch, but after you enjoy its spicy taste, brush your teeth or at the very least, swish water in your mouth.


You don’t have to give up all food and beverages that you love just because they bring about a threat for the radiance of the smile. Being aware of what foods may be damaging can assist you take precautions and keep your teeth dazzling. You’ll have a smile to be proud of for the rest of the life. So enjoy that glass of wine and that summer salad covered in blackberries, just remember that they are not as innocent as they appear and try to cut your intake.

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