For more than a decade now, cosmetic dentistry has been evolving in leaps and bounds.  With tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and tooth-coloured filings now a staple of any modern dental practice, the appearance of people’s teeth is brighter than ever.  

While these procedures can definitely have a major impact on an individual’s appearance, there is far more at play 
than just their teeth. Facial expressions such as when a person laughs or even a simple smile and gets older are all “full face events” and fixing the teeth will only provide improvement to one aspect of the overall appearance thereby limiting the effectiveness of treatment.

Now Dentists are emerging from the mouth, having mastered the creation of stunning teeth, to provide beautiful face to frame their artistry.

The soft tissues around the mouth and of the face readily show the signs of ageing.  Texture changes in the skin due to exposure to the sun and pollution; lines and wrinkles from years of smiling, frowning and laughing; and a loss of volume of the lips and skin, will all detract from the incredible smile makeover your Dentist has provided.

So now Dentists are going a step further to ensure the results for their patients are better than ever by performing facial aesthetics, such as wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, to make you and your smile look more refreshed and youthful.

The first step is the lips, with Dentists now able to restore volume and give greater definition through the use of Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers.  From here, “smokers lines” – those fine vertical lines around the mouth – can be eliminated and deep lines and grooves running from the nose to the mouth can also be softened.  Numerous other treatments are available, including eliminating the expression lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), across the forehead and between the eyes.  

The exciting thing about Dentists now offering facial aesthetic treatments is the convenience.  These treatments can now be offered to patients during routine dental appointments, saving both time and money.  As the treatments are temporary in nature and require enhancements approximately every six months, these can be performed in conjunction with your routine dental examination and cleaning and take only minutes.

Think about the time that is required for 
dentists working with the appearance of the teeth and face during dental accessment and see how experienced they are with providing a safe and comfortable injections in this area; it is logical that our Dentists are among the very best people to providing these services, all under one roof.

Facial aesthetics treatments are the future of cosmetic dentistry, finally allowing you to complete the picture and saving you the time and hassle of attending multiple practitioners for your desired facial enhancement.

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