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The branch of dentistry specializing in children's dentistry is known as Paediatric Dentistry. At Smilefocus our goal from your child's very first visit is to encourage a positive attitude towards dental care in you and your children, for life. Our children's dentists have more than 35 years between them of treating children, including traumatized children and children with special needs. More about Dr Stephanie Salanitri, our Children's Dentist.

It is good to start early when it comes to oral hygiene and brushing should begin the moment you see the first tooth. Since everything is smaller in a child's mouth, special consideration is needed and your child should visit the dentist around their first year, unless you notice a problem. Do note however, that children have no pre-conceived ideas on dental visits and therefore should have no reason to be scared and fearful. (Parents take note: Keep your childhood dental trauma stories to yourselves.)

Every trip to the dentist should be a fun and relaxed experience for every child. At Smilefocus, we have entertaining areas for kids where they can enjoy x-box games, TV, toys and books plus all dentists' rooms are equipped with TVs to distract and entertain as well. Regular visits to the dentist can really help your children reinforce life-long habits of good oral health.

To start introducing your child to the dentist, there are a number of helpful do's and dont's to begin with.

Dental Decay in Children

Children are lucky in that there are fantastic treatment options available to them. For example, fissure sealants are a way of covering and protecting the tooth to prevent decay. It is a pain-free and simple method of protecting the chewing teeth which are most prone to decay. 

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