There is far more at play when a person smiles, laughs and gets older than just their teeth. Smiling, laughing, frowning, shouting, crying and just plain getting older, are all “full face events”. To treat your smile in a holistic way, teeth restoration is the one possible option. Dentists with the appropriate qualifications and expertise can now also provide facial aesthetic treatments such as BTx-A and dermal fillers.


If you noticed how much time a dentist spends on assessing and working on each individual's appearance of the face and teeth, it is only logical that dentist are the best person to give advice and treatments considering. 


Aging gracefully is a matter of choice and for those who prefer to delay the appearance of aging their dentist can provide commonly available solutions such as BTx-A and dermal filler


Lips and Lines

Restore volume and give greater definition to the lips through the use of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are also used to minimise, or even eliminate, “smokers lines” – those fine vertical lines around the mouth. The naso-labial folds – the deep lines and grooves running from the nose to the mouth - can also be softened.


Relax Facial Wrinkles

Many treatments are available to eliminate "crow's feet", or expression lines around the eyes, between the eyes and across the forehead.


Relieve Muscular Facial Pain & Ease Tooth Grinding

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or TMD is one of the cause of facial pain and discomfort due to the clenching and grinding of teeth and is complex when it comes to treatment.


Now, the same materials required to eliminate skin wrinkles caused by underlying muscle action can be used to reduce the symptom of tooth grinding and clenching due to TMD.


People who experienced these pain have tried many treatments without much success but they found great relief in this procedures. For more information about TMD refer here.


Reshape a Prominent Jawline and Add Cheek Definition

For people who grind their teeth excessively, the muscles around the lower jaw can become over-developed, creating a "square" appearance to the face.

This appearance can be improved by relaxing the facial muscles creating a "softer" facial profile.


Dento-Facial Dentistry Can Be Part of Your Normal Dental Routine

One of the great things about these treatments is that they can be done during routine dental appointments, and they take only minutes to complete, a welcome time-saver for busy people.


Since this treatments are temporary and require further enhancements every six months, it can be performed in conjuction with your routine dental treatment and/or evalution which takes only minutes. 

Facial aesthetics treatments (of BTx-A and dermal fillers) are a natural complement to cosmetic dentistry. Restoring your smile doesn’t have to stop at the teeth.


Please Note: The Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) Advertising Guidelines for local clinics prohibits the display of 'before and after' photos on websites and all electronic forms. We are able to provide such photos (with our patient's consent) upon request during consultation in the clinic.


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