Dr Alison Roberts

Dr Alison Roberts graduated from the University of Manchester in 1997. After a year in practice she returned to the hospital environment to gain invaluable surgical experience and work very long hours. A brief period exploring the world led Alison to work as the only dentist on the Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island. On returning to London, Alison worked in a busy General Practice for ten years before relocating to Singapore.  

At Smilefocus she enjoys meeting the expat community and treats both adults and children.  Alison is experienced in both Invisalign, Cfast and cosmetic treatment procedures

Why a Dentist?

As a little girl I remember noticing my friends' smiles. One friend at ballet class really attracted my attention because of her brown stained teeth. I now know what causes this but then it puzzled me. Later, school friends suffered my warnings as they constantly ate sweets. Those friends still do. My elder brother is also an accomplished Dentist. I enjoyed visiting him at University and even though I rarely admit, I must have followed in his footsteps to some degree.

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