Dr Biju Krishnan

With over 20 years in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Krishnan has a holistic approach to creating a great smile.  Using various restorative techniques, as well as facial asthetics,  he achieves a beautiful smile to suit the individual.  So passionate is he about creating the best result as effectively as possible, in conjunction with an Orthodontist colleague, Dr Krishnan developed Cfast.  Cfast is an adult cosmetic orthodontic system that straightens the teeth more quickly than you might think possible. This system is one of the most widely used systems in the UK and has been adopted in 20 other countries, including the USA, UK, Europe, Scandanavia, South East Asia and Australia.  It has been newly introduced to the Middle East and now is in Singapore too!  Read more about cfast

Dr Krishnan has published in many international journals and recently authored the first book on cosmetic orthodontics.  He is on the board of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the editorial board of the journal Aesthetic Dentistry Today.

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