Dr Christina Liew
Dr Christina Liew is an Aussie who relocated to Singapore twenty years ago and has been a member of the Smilefocus team since 2003. Dr Liew is a general dentist with a particular interest in cosmetic work and minor oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth extraction

Dr Liew is a hugely competitive cyclist on the national and international level, with innumerable podium finishes. 

In 'Why a Dentist' she explains how her competitive spirit directed her into becoming a dentist.

Why a dentist?

I've always been a very active person - cycling, aerobics, that kind of thing. And very competitive. When I was in my teens I was in a bike race where we were racing really hard, and a friend of mine lost control of his bike. He lost some of his teeth too. He had had the most fantastic smile, but the eventual repair job wasn't too good. So I decided I wanted to be the person who could fix anyone else like him. Of course, there's more to dentistry than only fixing broken teeth. I enjoy all of it. There's even an adrenalin hit when you complete some particularly difficult treatment and the patient is really pleased with the result. I love that.

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