Dr Elaine Ng

Dr Elaine Ng hails from Auckland, New Zealand. After relocating to Singapore in 1997 she has worked in both public and private sectors, including hospital dentistry and Accident & Emergency. Dr Ng is able to manage emergency/trauma situations as well as fearful patients. Her expertise lies within cosmetic dentistry including crowns, bridges and teeth whitening. She is able to perform wisdom tooth extractions to minor surgeries, and enjoys working with children of all ages.

Why a dentist?

The technical and scientific aspect of dentistry keeps me challenged professionally, but it's the human side - the interaction with my patients that I find most rewarding. There is never a dull moment (especially when treating children), and some of my most phobic patients have become good friends over the years. Many people have bad childhood experiences with dentistry, and my hope is to 'undo' these and hopefully make visiting the dentist something pleasant, or even enjoyable.

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