Dr. Patricia Hancock

Dr Hancock has more than  30 years’ experience working in London, Hong Kong, Geneva and Singapore.  She also lectured for many years in Hong Kong on Oral Radiology, Periodontology and Conservative Dentistry.  She also gained Part1 of the Fellowship of the Australian  College of Dental Surgeons.( a post graduate dental exam).

Apart from dentistry, Dr Hancock’s expertise includes research experience in tissue culture and Oral pathology.  Before qualifying as a dentist Patricia Hancock achieved a BSc Joint Honours in Bacteriololgy/Zoology and worked for 7 years in  medical and animal research.  Two of her more interesting projects were a test for Scrapie (a degenerative neuro-pathological disease of sheep and goats) and a determination of the influence of inflammatory mediators on cell proliferation in the oral mucosa.

During her previous work positions Dr Hancock had to communicate solely in German and French. Singapore has been home for quite some time and she is a founding member of the Smilefocus team.  She  currently sits on the board of Newcastle University in Singapore ( NUIS) and several other voluntary committees.

Dr Hancock likes to take a softly, softly approach with her patients and adopts a conservative treatment modality.

To keep fit Dr Hancock enjoys bellydancing, tennis and dressmaking.

Why a dentist?

As a child I took a psychological battering from overworked and heavy-handed NHS dentists in England. I vowed that when I became a dentist I would not allow my patients to suffer in this way, and indeed would try to reverse the effects of any previous phobias.

We have many ways of making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental care; each method is tailored to the individual, and happily most are surprised at how well they really do manage.

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