Dr Peter McCorkindale

Dr Peter McCorkindale is a passionate and dedicated dental practitioner with extensive experience in both private and public general practice in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom.

Dr McCorkindale has over 23 years clinical experience including 5 years as a senior dental surgeon in the Royal Navy (UK), three of those years with Royal Marines (with the rank of Lt Commander), passing the Green Beret Commando training and achieving the highest dental fitness seen in a Royal Marines Commando unit.

For 12 years Dr McCorkindale was principal dentist in his own private practice in New Zealand.  He has a special interest in minimal intervention dentistry particularly bonded restorations and cosmetic dentistry.  Peter also has experience in placing and restoring implants, wisdom teeth surgery and orthodontics.

Why a Dentist?

I like to challenge myself and dentistry is a challenging discipline.  It’s constantly evolving as techniques and materials improve, and one of the biggest challenges is to change peoples’ perceptions of what dentistry is and what it can do.  It’s preventive and nurturing, and can be transformational for a patient on many levels.

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