Dr. Brendan Gin

Relocating from Melbourne in 2000 after working eight years in private practice, Dr Gin has a wide range of experience in treating adults and children.  He has a particular interest in crown, implant crown, bridgework as well as aesthetic dentistry. With over 25 years of experience his gentle and caring manner has created a loyal contingent of followers who appreciate his calming effect on even the most nervous of patients.

Why a dentist?

As a teenager I had braces for four years and was fortunate to have an orthodontist who was keen to share his knowledge of dentistry. Having a monthly orthodontic adjustment for four years meant I was exposed to a lot of dentistry at a young age. My interest grew from here such that I become quite disheartened when the braces were finally removed and I could no longer attend the practice. Several years later on my first day of university I crossed paths with my orthodontist who happened to be a lecturer there. I will always remember what he said to me that day: “Brendan, if you treat each and every person as a precious relative, you will have a long and fulfilling career.”

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