Facial aesthetics treatments are a natural complement to cosmetic dentistry. Restoring your smile doesn't have to stop at the teeth.

Dento-facial aesthetics - the complete smile makeover

There is far more at play when a person smiles, laughs and gets older than just their teeth. Smiling, laughing, frowning, shouting and crying are all “full face events”. Restoring the teeth is only one component to treating your smile in the most holistic way possible. While your veneers or teeth whitening, for example, will usually make a remarkable difference, more can be achieved. Dentists with the appropriate qualifications and expertise can now also provide facial aesthetic treatments such as BTx-A and dermal fillers.

Of course, not everyone wants to look more youthful and many people are happy with the way they look as they age – lines and wrinkles add character. Aging gracefully is a matter of choice. For those who prefer to delay the appearance of aging however, their dentist can provide commonly available solutions such as BTx-A and dermal filler

Lips and Lines

Dentists are able to restore volume and give greater definition to the lips through the use of dermal fillers. Thin, asymmetical or ill-defined lips can be enhanced to help dress up your smile.

Dermal fillers are also used to minimise, or even eliminate, “smokers lines” – those fine vertical lines around the mouth. The naso-labial folds – the deep lines and grooves running from the nose to the mouth - can also be softened.

Relax Facial Wrinkles

Numerous other treatments are available, including eliminating the expression lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), across the forehead and between the eyes.

Relieve Muscular Facial Pain & Ease Tooth Grinding

Traditionally facial pain and discomfort caused by Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), clenching and grinding of the teeth, have been troublesome and complicated to treat.

The same materials used to eliminate wrinkles of the skin caused by the underlying muscle action, can now be used to successfully reduce the symptoms of tooth grinding, clenching and TMD pain by relaxing the facial muscles that are often over-worked and in spasm.

Patients who have experienced years of pain and discomfort and who have tried many other treatments without success are often finding great relief with these procedures. For more information about TMD refer here.

Reshape a Prominent Jawline and Add Cheek Definition

For people who grind their teeth excessively, the muscles around the lower jaw can become over-developed, creating a "square" appearance to the face.

This appearance can be improved by relaxing the facial muscles and thereby creating a "softer" facial profile.

Dento-Facial Dentistry Can Be Part of Your Normal Dental Routine

One of the great things about these treatments is that they can be done during routine dental appointments, and they take only minutes to complete, a welcome time-saver for busy people.

As the treatments are temporary in nature and require enhancements approximately every six months, these can be performed in conjunction with your routine dental examination and cleaning and take only minutes. One visit instead of many - another great time saver!

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