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Full mouth restoration, sometimes also called full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth rejuvenation, is the restoration of several or all of the teeth. Multiple tooth loss, excessive wear from grinding or severe breakage may require a full mouth restoration. There are several very important reasons why replacing a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, should be a priority for you. Replacing missing teeth will correct related problems such as loss of lip support and facial contours which may affect your appearance, as well as cause difficulties when speaking and eating. Protecting and / or lengthening excessively worn teeth will also have significant benefits when eating and speaking.

Full mouth restoration may involve implants, crown and bridge, onlays and possibly dentures. Treatment will invariably require multiple visits, and importantly, modern dental techniques enable your dentist to complete restorations virtually pain-free.

Teeth can be restored using veneers, crowns, onlays (or inlays). Old amalgam fillings can be replaced with white, resin or porcelain fillings. Missing teeth are replaced using dental implants, which offer many advantages over dentures.

In addition to the appearance of your teeth, symptoms that may indicate significant problems requiring full mouth restoration include pain in the jaw joint, clicking or popping of the jaw or headaches. Make sure you talk to your dentist if you have these problems.

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