Nervous Patients

Don't be embarrassed about being an especially nervous patient. Some people have had a bad experience with another dentist (often when very young) which makes it very difficult for them to have regular checks. Some people only come and see us when they absolutely have to. Unfortunately this may only make it worse because then your dentist may well have to treat a problem more extensively problem than would otherwise be the case.

Our dentists are skilled in helping nervous patients relax. They are calm, and very patient. We also use relaxation techniques such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or sedation if appropriate and necessary. Sedation can be done with a qualified anaesthetist in the clinic.

The television in each room can also provide a distraction and head phones are available if desired for either the TV or music. Sometimes the first visit for an especially nervous patient is just to talk about their problems; we may look, but not progress treatment. Most importantly you need to feel you can trust your dentist.

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  • Saliva plays an important role in your oral health
    You produce enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools!

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