If you have a gummy smile or black triangles between your teeth periodontal surgery could be the solution

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from periodontal disease, decay and sensitivity. Without that protection, eventually the root of the tooth becomes exposed, leading to sensitivity to temperature change, vulnerability to decay and loss of bone. This is because the root surface is softer than enamel (the hardest material in the body).

Gum recession can be caused by several factors. Gum disease (periodontal disease), aggressive tooth brushing, tooth grinding/clenching and maloccluded (misaligned) teeth are some of the reasons why gum tissue recedes and roots become exposed. Receding gum tissue also means loss of supporting bone because the bone needs the gum for protection. When the protection provided by the gums recedes, so does the bone. This makes your teeth appear longer.

Root coverage with soft tissue grafts (gum grafts) and other periodontal surgery procedures can reduce further recession and bone loss. In many cases it will also reduce tooth sensitivity associated with receding gums.

New treatment methods, materials and medications often mean that patients can return to their normal routines on the same or next day.

Most importantly treatment for periodontal problems will result in a beautiful smile and improved periodontal health.

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  • Saliva plays an important role in your oral health
    You produce enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools!

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