Introducing Dr Kenneth Lim

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Dr Kenneth, welcome to Smilefocus!

Q. You trained in Melbourne. What do you miss about Melbourne?

The space available in Melbourne. Homes there are generally bigger and tend to come with some land. My home there was well sized and we could comfortably accommodate quite a few guests over.  Living in Melbourne there’s a wide diversity of leisure activities. For example you could easily just drive to a winery, a farm, a smaller regional city, numerous national parks, there’s mountains to ski etc. Singapore also has many attractions, but of a different kind.

Q. Why did you return to Singapore?

I returned to Singapore because most of my family is here. Also I actually prefer the warmer weather compared to the winter in Melbourne.

Q. You have specialized in orthodontics. What is it about orthodontics that interests you?

As orthodontic treatment roughly takes 2 years, we get to know the patients really well because we spend a considerable amount of time with them and their families. The end result is very tangible to the patient and most of them can really appreciate the improvement, especially when they look back at their old photos.

Q. We understand you’re a dog lover. Big dogs or small dogs?

Love both big and small ones. Sometimes it’s more of their temperament or personality that counts. The dog we have at home was supposed to be a small lap dog, however he turned out to be really large for his breed and he doesn’t like lying on human laps. My dream one day is to have a German Shepherd.

Q. What do you most enjoy about being back in Singapore?

Not needing to cook because of the wide range of really delicious, affordable food on offer.

Q. What is your one tip for people to look after their oral health?

Invest in you and your children’s oral health early by cultivating good oral habits. For some it may be challenging initially, but with perseverance habits form to become second nature. You will reap the benefits many times over, not only financially but also in long term quality of life.

Q. What book are you reading at the moment?

I’m not an avid reader and am not actually reading any book at the moment. I do enjoy reading books on war stories though; the next on my list is Chickenhawk by Robert Mason, a helicopter pilot during the Americans’ war in Vietnam.

Dr Kenneth Lim is based at Smilefocus, Camden Medical Centre.
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