Never too old for braces ... orthodontics can successfully realign crooked teeth or an overbite regardless of age

The diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misalignment of teeth and the jaws is called Orthodontics. The first orthodontic check-up is recommended by the age of 7, as per The American Association of Orthodontists. 

The corrective appliances used in an orthodontic treatment are dental braces and palatal expanders. To eliminate crossbite and crowding of teeth in growing patients, palatal expanders (early intervention appliances) are used to encourage optimal jaw growth.

Our Orthodontist treats with a variety of systems, including Invisalign. For more information on Invisalign, click here.

  • Braces for Children and Adults
  • Invisalign
  • Interceptive Treatment for Young Children and Adolescents
  • Face and Jaw Growth Modification

By applying light pressure to the teeth, braces can slowly move and align them accordingly through the jaw bone. Minor discomfort are known to affect most people since the process of moving the teeth will normally cause some tenderness.

Our Orthodontist  is always happy to answer your queries, and to discuss all the options available to you. See here for some of the F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions include cleaning of teeth with braces and food intake will be explained in the F.A.Q section. 


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