About Us

Smilefocus was established 25 years ago by Australian dentist Dr Marcus Cooney.  Dr Cooney wanted to replicate the caring style of Australian dental clinics in the heart of Singapore. At Smilefocus we emphasis a caring service coupled with the latest treatment methods. We have dentists from across the world, bringing their international experience. Book in and see what makes us different.

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We offer end-to-end patient care and personal service, covering everything from routine dental and hygiene check-ups to pioneering orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and surgical treatments.

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Core Principles

We are guided by our core values:

Patient Satisfaction - our patients' experience of us is paramount to our success.  We view it as our privilege to provide ...

Patient Experience - should include a warm and friendly welcome, experienced and communicative dental practitioners and a clear understanding for you of treatment options and costs.

Highly qualified practitioners - we are proud to offer dentists who have international experience. They bring their training, qualifications and knowledge to Smilefocus with the aim of delivering a premium service.

Invest in our Practice - we invest not only in technology  but also in time with our patients, taking the time to ensure our patients are well informed about treatment, and answering as many questions as needed before undertaking any procedure.


Our integrity is at the heart of what we do. We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a dentist. We will only advise you of the procedures necessary and discuss all options with costs so you can make informed decisions. Our longevity is illustrative of the confidence we have earned from patients over the years.

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Our dentists have the qualifications, experience and interpersonal skills to ensure you feel confident of the advice and treatment you receive. Our dentists are from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The team is characterised by quality of experience and compassionate care. Our clinical approach is to keep treatments as minimally invasive as possible and we will always discuss all available options with patients. Be assured we continually invest in the appropriate technology to ensure accuracy and comfort of diagnosis and treatment.


We understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for some people. We endeavour to make the experience, for children and adults alike, as gentle and stress-free as possible. From the warm welcome at reception to the friendly attitude of the dentists, hygienists and support clinical staff, we will do our best to make your experience of Smilefocus a positive one.