Root Canal

Root canal therapy involves the treatment of the nerve (called the 'pulp) inside the tooth. The common factors associated with root canal include:

  • physical trauma around the mouth/ teeth
  • mouth irritation or discomfort due to deep decay in the tooth or very large fillings
  • bacterial leakage of old crown or filling
  • severe gum disease

Root canal therapy can save your tooth and avoid extraction. Root canal therapy involves the removal of the tooth’s pulp, a small thread-like tissue that, while important for tooth development, is no longer needed once the tooth is mature. The pulp is replaced with materials that seal off the root canal from bone supporting the tooth’s root.

Apprehensive patients should be heartened by the fact that if necessary, root canal therapy can be carried out under sedation performed by a qualified anaesthetist in the comfort of our clinic. Our caring staff will make your root canal therapy painless, positive, and stress free.