Nervous Patients

Don't be concerned about being an especially nervous patient. Our dentists are skilled in helping nervous patients relax. We actively hire dental staff who provide compassionate care. Our staff are calm, and very patient. We can use relaxation techniques such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or sedation if appropriate and necessary.

The television in each room can also provide a distraction and head phones are available if desired for either the TV or music. Sometimes the first visit for an especially nervous patient is just to talk about their problems; we may look, but not progress treatment. Most importantly we want you to feel you can trust your dentist.

Nervous patients are our specialty at Smilefocus Dental Clinic

We are dedicated to making the dentist experience a positive one and therefore focus on sedation and local anaesthesia to facilitate a pain-free experience. This is especially important for children as we pride ourselves on our little visitors wanting to come back.