4 Reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist

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1. There is such a thing as ‘Pain-Free’ Dentistry

Most people are afraid of the dentist because they think it will hurt.  Modern materials and improved techniques means that dentists are able to virtually eliminate pain from dentistry. And by visiting the dentist regularly problems can be spotted early and resolved before any pain or infection occurs.  A toothache is definitely more painful than seeing your dentist!

2. Smilefocus provides a relaxed and comfortable environment

Many people are concerned about the noise of dentistry.  If you ask someone want they associate most with dentists they will say the drill. These days you barely hear the mechanics.  Noise-cancelling headphones and the TV, movies or music contribute to a more relaxed and diversionary environment.

3. A healthy mouth is a healthy heart

Your dentist is concerned about your general health, too, not just your teeth, gums and mouth.  Some conditions such as heart disease are linked to the bacteria in your mouth so your dentist is as important as your GP.

4. Dentists want to help you

Dentists actually like people; thet study dentistry because it is a helping profession.  We asked our dentists to tell us why they chose dentistry, and their answers are on our website, included in their profile.  Almost without exception it is because dentistry enables them to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives, either because their own dentist was a great role model, or because childhood experiences were terrifying, and they resolved to prevent similar experiences to others.


Dr Bernard Siew is the Clinic Director at Smilefocus. Dr Siew’s areas of interest include cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign aligners, dental veneers in porcelain and resin, as well as teeth whitening. For an appointment please call: 6733 9882 or click here