Menus whilst undergoing Cfast treatment

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Moira Coops (a leading image stylist) completed a Cfast treatment course with Smilefocus, the dentist who is known globally as the creator of the popular cosmetic tooth alignment system.

Moira was looking for a straighter and whiter smile but didn’t want a mouth full of metal wires plus she wasn’t really keen on a lengthy treatment as normal traditional braces would. During her teeth straightening process, she wanted to maintain a healthy diet so she came up with a food menu that is specially catered for Cfast patients to enjoy during their treatment period.

The usual advise while wearing braces includes eating soft foods such as yoghurts, porridge and scrambled eggs while avoiding coloured foods and drinks such as coffee that usually stains the teeth. Hard and sticky foods such as toffees and crust can damage your braces in the long run and should be avoided whenever possible.

With removable braces, it is easier to consume food and beverages such as eating popcorns, nuts, crusty breads while a person with fixed braces might run the risk of dislodging his/ her braces while chewing the mentioned food.

Moira says: ‘The Cfast option was the best for me.  It seemed to take no time at all to achieve my new smile; it was just a ‘walk in the park’.  The day the braces came off was amazing! Now I know why it’s called Cfast!  Just to finish it off I had a whitening treatment.  Sooooo love my new smile”.

‘I love food and I like to eat a balanced and healthy diet, which is why I developed some recipes that work really well for anyone having teeth-straightening treatment. For many of them, all you need is a blender to help you make delicious meals that are satisfying and fulfilling, healthy and safe for your Cfast braces.’

She adds: ‘Some people who wear braces can suffer a little pain, which reduces the amount of food they can eat, so I decided I would work with a wholemeal and soft food diet – it certainly worked for me!’

Moira’s menus


  • Yoghurt, oatmeal and berries
  • Poached eggs and spinach
  • Boiled eggs and scrambled eggs with slices of avocado, fried onions
  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
  • Papaya chunks with fresh lime, mangoes, banana and strawberries


  • Fresh vegetable
  • Borscht (beetroot)
  • Chicken and leek
  • Cheese and broccoli
  • Gazpacho
  • Roasted red pepper soup
  • Green pea soup
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Hungarian beef soup
  • Cauliflower cream soup
  • Corn and chicken soup
  • Potato and leek soup
  • Lentil soup


  • Savoury: Leek and spinach, cheese, mushroom and served with green salad using watercress, lettuce (any type), mixing it up with some cherry tomatoes and red peppers, lightly steamed cauliflower and broccoli and beans
  • Sweet: passion fruit, lemon, chocolate


  • Steamed fish with coriander, ginger and lime served with steamed or stir fried courgette and steamed, mashed sweet potatoes or roasted sweet potatoes and onion or leeks
  • Stuffed whole white fish baked in the over with peas and squash
  • Baked salmon steaks with soy, ginger and honey and lime, with mashed potatoes and peas


  • Slow-cooked beef casseroles with carrots, turnips and green courgette
  • Moroccan lamb casserole
  • Thai chicken curry
  • Spaghetti bolognaise and salad
  • Coq au vin with mashed pumpkin and green peas
  • Beef stroganof with green beans and roast potatoes
  • Tabbouleh made with quinoa, chicken and lamb sate
  • Coleslaw salad with Thai beef salad
  • Cucumber mint salad with Italian sausages
  • Italian meatballs in tomato sauce with quinoa pasta


  • Sweet potato dauphinois, baked with cream onions and cheese, served with rocket and spinach and strawberry salad Roasted stuffed aubergine
  • Roasted stuffed portobello mushrooms and stuffed red, green and yellow peppers stuffed with vegetables, quinoa and herbs
  • Vegetable lasagne made with sheets of leek
  • Sweet potato gnocci with brown butter sage sauce or home made Italian tomato sauce
  • Crustless vegetable quiche served with salad
  • Spinach and kale pie with roasted red pepper salad and rocket


  • Cream caramel
  • Stewed pears in red wine
  • Baked apple
  • Coconut panna cotta with fresh berries
  • strawberries soaked in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar served with mascarpone
  • Champagne jelly with fresh strawberries and black pepper
  • Greek yoghurt with blackberries and raspberries
  • Vanilla custard and berries

I was also told to avoid crunchy hard stuff like nuts, etc but I did grind my nuts in my food processor and sprinkle them on dishes and for extra protein. Roasted veggies are easy to eat with the braces on, too.