Straight Teeth for Adults

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Most people, especially adults, with misaligned or crooked teeth are self-conscious or embarrassed about their smiles. With the misconception of braces or veneers as the only solutions to this problem, they are deterred from seeking advise. As a result, these adults live with their existing smile.

With modern dental technology enhancement, teeth straightening has never been easier for adults.

What are the alternatives?

Invisalign is the new way to straighten teeth without the need of metals or wires. This system involves the usage of clear, custom-made removable aligners which are almost undetectable. With Invisalign, the teeth will gradually be aligned and also correct the bite, if needed.  As for the duration to achieve the desired outcome, it might take as long as the traditional braces.

Cfast (cosmetically focused adult straight teeth) uses a much faster (usually within 3 to 6 months) tooth colored wire and clear braces to straighten the teeth. A “cosmetically focused” treatment, this system only straightens crooked or misaligned front teeth, without changing the bite.  This is a superb alternative for patients who do not want to prolong their treatment as compared to the conventional orthodontic treatment and porcelain veneers/ crowns.

If you thought your only options for straighter teeth are only conventional braces or veneers, then you will be glad to know that there are now other conservative, affordable and practical treatments for busy adults.

How do I get started?

There are a few factors to decide if this is the most suitable options for you. We recommend a thorough consultation with your dentist for the desired results and expectations as to avoid any disappointment. A set of computer generated before and after photos will assist you in your decision on the best possible treatment to achieve that straight beautiful smile

Other factors to think about are the time it will take for the whole treatment to be completed, whether you will have a removable or fixed appliance and last but not least, the cost for the whole treatment. Within each system, there are also choices that cater for the amount of straightening that you want.

The most important assessment before treatment is to make sure your teeth, supporting bone and gum tissues are in good health. With straightened teeth, oral hygiene and cleanliness will be enhanced so that good looking and healthy teeth can be enjoyed for many years to come.