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First impressions count – making your smile an asset

Research confirms what we all instinctively know – first impressions count. Whether it’s a social gathering, a first date or a job interview, it’s human nature to make snap judgments when we first meet people.  Most of us make our initial assessment of others in the first 5 to 6 seconds to form first impression….


What is an Implantologist? Implantology is the study and practice of placing dental implants. Any licensed dentist with proper training in implant dentistry can be considered an implantologist. While there is no recognized specialty of implant dentistry or implantology, it does typically require substantial post-graduate education and experience. There are international organisations, such as the…

Braces – not just for teens!

Are you completely happy with your smile? When you think of braces, what normally comes to mind?  Teenagers?  Straightening crooked teeth?  Getting a Hollywood Smile?  These are all cases when braces are used but nowadays there are many more reasons why you should have orthodontic treatment to make your smile the best it can be….

Bad Breath – don’t suffer in silence!

Bad breath is a problem shared by millions of people around the world and can interfere with your social and professional success, so it’s heartening to know approximately 85% of cases result from oral conditions which can be treated by your dentist, or even avoided all together. What causes of Halitosis? Halitosis is otherwise known…

5 ways to overhaul your smile!

A smile makeover can transform not just the way we look, but also the way we feel and even improve our health! Surveys suggest an enhanced smile increases our chances of progressing further up the career ladder and improve our relationship opportunities, too – that is, if we’re looking for a new partner! Our smile…

Do’s and Don’ts of Your Child’s First Visit with the Dentist

The team at Smilefocus puled together this list of key tips to help guide you and your child through their first visit to the dentist. Do Familiarise your child with the dental clinic. Take your toddler along when someone else in the family who enjoys their dental check-up is going too. Schedule your child’s appointment…