Want to change your smile? Some key questions.

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Are you thinking about changing your smile? It can be difficult to know how to get started and who to trust. As a first step, try asking yourself these few questions:

  • Do I like the colour, shape and size of my teeth?
  • Do I have gaps or misaligned teeth that I am unhappy with?
  • Do I have fillings on my front teeth?
  • Do I smoke, drink a lot of coffee, tea or wine?
  • Do my teeth look a little stained / yellow?
  • Apart from the colour of my teeth, am I happy with the look of my smile?

Your answers will guide your dentist into exploring the best options. happily dentistry has a huge amount of expertise and technology available to it to help deliver what you want. As a dentist it’s fantastic to see the results of creating a beautiful smile.  The enhancements to self esteem and confidence can be profound.

Dr Francine Chia is an Australian dentist based at Smilefocus
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