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We welcome Dr Jonathan to Smilefocus!

You trained in Otago. What do you miss most about New Zealand?

Having a dishwasher and owning a car! I also enjoyed going out on a boat or a kayak to go fishing which is a bit harder to do here.

How many years have you been practicing in Singapore and what brought you to Singapore?

I worked in Singapore for almost 3 years before returning to Auckland. We missed Singapore so much that we are now back again and planning on being here for the long term

Favourite travel spot within 4 hours of Singapore?

NZ is tucked down the bottom of the world so the travel here is amazing. It’s slightly further than 4 hours but I am very fond of Amed in Bali. It’s a quiet area and there is some great diving and snorkeling there.

What do you enjoy most about dentistry?

Interacting with and meeting new people. I like helping patients have a nice experience at the dentist.

What do you enjoy doing here in Singapore?

Taking our dog out for a walk at nights and exploring different parts of Singapore.

Name the 4 people you would invite to your perfect dinner party and why.

My family. We are all spread between the UK and NZ so we haven’t been all together for over a year now.

Last movie you watched?

I watched Free Solo at IMAX which was great.

What food do you miss most from New Zealand?

Fresh produce. I grew up in Hawke’s Bay, which is known for its horticulture and farming.


Dr Jonathan Luke is based at SmileFocus,
Camden Medical Centre. 

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