Brendan Gin

Dr Gin trained in Melbourne, Australia. After 8 years of private practice he relocated to Singapore in 2000.

Originally from Melbourne, Dr Brendan Gin joined Smile Focus in 2001, being one of the clinic’s founding General Dentists. After graduating in 1991 from the University of Melbourne, he spent nine years in private practice before relocating to Singapore. Dr Gin has a broad range of experience in treating adults and children, strongly emphasizing preventive dentistry. His treatment philosophy is centered around a minimally invasive approach using conventional and digital technologies. He has a particular interest in Crown, Bridge and Implant Restorations. With over 30 years of experience, his gentle and caring manner has created a loyal contingent of followers who appreciate his calming effect on even the most nervous patients.

Christina Liew

Dr Christina Liew trained in Melbourne, Australia and relocated to Singapore. She is a long serving member of the Smilefocus team having joined in 2003.

Dr Christina Liew originated from and trained in Melbourne, Australia, before relocating to Singapore. She is a long-serving member of the Smilefocus team, having joined in 2003.

Dr Liew enjoys all facets of dentistry. She is a general dentist who is caring, gentle and understanding. She will take the time to listen to individuals and will cater to the needs of her patients.

Dr Liew is always interested in meeting people from all walks of life and loves to travel. She is also passionate about fitness and is a competitive road cyclist and a qualified fitness trainer.